Family Business Consultancy


We specialise in working with families in business facing change and transition, particularly management and ownership succession. It is in times of change from one generation to the next that families working together often feel the most strain on their relationships. Our consultancy services address the issue of family relationships and the often devastating impact these relationships can have on the individuals, the family and the future sustainability of the business.

How often have you prepared a solution for your client which technically is correct and provides a solution for them, they say they want to do it but don’t commit the time and for some reason always find a reason not to follow it through. One of the causes for this can be that there is an underlying personal reason that inhibits them from tackling the difficult questions. This is where FAB can help you; we can work with a family to help them tackle those difficult questions, right through to aligning the family’s values/ vision to the business and facilitating the creation of a family charter so that the family has some governance. Working through this process with clients guides them onto their restructuring, corporatising their business, shareholder agreements, updating of wills etc.

When working with your clients, we involve you at the appropriate time along with the client’s other professionals (insurers, accountants, lawyers, financial planners etc) to help the client understand what options are available that are aligned with the families vision and goals.

We undertake the role of family business consultant; we do not provide legal or accounting advice. Because of our expertise we are able to co ordinate and project manage the families need for a whole range of services when they have complex issues or if they are trying to avoid future problems.

Refer your clients to our services and let us generate work for your business!


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